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At the core of the 3x magnification Exelon is the unique combination of specially designed R-Contact optics and the new CF-Super (Super Gen 1+) Image Intensifier Tube, created specifically for each other, such that they will not work with any other here for more information


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Ultra-compact, lightweight, easy to use and comfortable to hold, the new Yukon NVMT G2+ is unique for a budget night scope in offering a tactile, suregrip plastic bodyshell and, for extra protection/grip, partial rubber here for more information


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This accessory high-power Infra-red Illuminator can be used hand-held to improve low light levels of any Generation One or Two night scope and thus allows use in conditions of total darkness. Gives a total darkness capability up to approximately 150m with Gen 1+ devices and 200m with Gen 2 here for more information


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