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Videolupe Plus 100mm x 50mm (3x) UK Model

The Eschenbach Videolupe Plus is a state of the art low vision electronic magnifier that enables you to magnify what you're reading up to 17.5x projecting on your television screen.
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Mains Operated

The illuminated reading magnifier with the extra illuminated reading line. Makes easier reading and increased reading speed.click here for more information


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The SmartLux Digital is a revolutionary, portable video magnifier that has a multitude of features, all for a very economical price.click here for more information


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4x - 12x

As we get older, quality of life and independence may become an issue for many of us. Being able to read small print on packaging when shopping, filling out forms or being able to read the newspaper are just a small example of everyday tasks that can become difficult as our sight deteriorates - the new digital reading magnifier mobilux® DIGITAL touch HD from Eschenbach with 4x-12x magnification is a very helpful vision aid in many different situations.click here for more information


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